SocialErasmus is an important part of the ESN activity. In short – it offers opportunities for international students to get closer to the local community by engaging in volunteer activities and charity events.

One of them is Erasmus in Schools. It’s literally what its name says – we take international students to schools in Wroclaw and together we give classes about their countries. Our purpose is to present their culture to the children, encourage mobility and promote exchange programmes at an early age. So far we organized two lessons in a primary school on Politechnika’s campus.

The first class took place on 15th November. It was given to a group of sixth graders. Its theme were stereotypes in Europe, which we discussed using France as an example.

First, we asked the children to split into two groups and draw everything that comes to their minds when they think about France. The results were surprising. Among some typical symbols, such as the Eiffel Tower or croissants, we could also see snails, perfume, the patron of their school - Marie Skłodowska-Curie and even a Camargue horse!

Then our Erasmus friend presented some photographs of his country and talked about its customs, famous places, typical food... After the presentation we discussed it with the pupils considering if their impression of France was accurate – or maybe some of the things they drew were just stereotypes?

The second class took place on 22nd November. This time we invited two students from Turkey to teach a group of fourth graders a little bit about their country.

First, they presented some photographs and talked about Turkish culture, famous places and monuments, typical food, souvenirs, sports, etc. Then, the children had some time for questions to their guests from abroad.

They asked about their language, animals in Turkey, sports teams and why, of all the countries, they decided to choose Poland to come to. After that, we asked the pupils to split into smaller groups and draw posters of everything they learnt about Turkey.

All in all, both lessons turned out a big success. It was an unusual, yet very satisfying and fun experience for all of us! The kids seemed very interested and asked us when the next lesson will be. Both our ESN section and the school are eager to organize many more lessons this and next semester.