In Noble Box, we inspire people to leave their well-known and safe environment and become heroes that change the world around them!


For most of us December is a joyous time of the year – with Christmas season approaching, you can find little chocolate Santas in shops, Christmas lights on lanterns around the main square are ready to be lit and you can enjoy some mulled wine at the Christmas Market.

Sadly, it is not that magical and special for everyone. There are families who struggle all year to pay the bills, find a job and provide a decent life for their children. For many of them Christmas – instead of being carefree and happy – is even harder than the rest of the year. They can’t afford to pay for the heating or winter clothes, not to mention a festive dinner or presents for their kids. And most of all, they are reminded of how lonely they are with their problems. We want to change that!

That’s why every year before Christmas ESN PWr participates in the Noble Box (Szlachetna paczka), a nationwide charity project, encouraging international students to donate money for a family in need. SZLACHETNA PACZKA (Noble Box) project was established in 2001 in order to provide aid to struggling families during Christmas holidays. Its main premise is the idea of helping wisely - providing direct aid in a way that it is effective, concrete and meaningful, but also giving hope and an impulse to act to the families that are struggling.

How does it work?

First, the volunteers of the Noble Box project identify families affected by poverty, visit them and ask about what they need the most (and also about their secret dreams!).
“We want to ensure that the Christmas box will inspire them to change their situation by a small, yet significant impulse that will make them act and fight to improve their lives!” 

Then, they invite private donors to respond to specific needs of the poor families from their cities or neighborhoods.

What do we do now?

  1. As the ESN PWr each year we choose one of the families
  2. Together with our Erasmus friends we collect money
  3. Then we go shopping together for the gifts for the family
  4. We wrap everything, so that it’s an actual Christmas box!
  5. We deliver completed boxes to the chosen family
  6. “That’s where the magic happens! The boxes are usually welcomed with enormous joy and excitement, words of gratitude or simply…lack of words and tears of emotions”